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  • Tony Nudd

    Tony Nudd

    RPA Imaginator.

RPA Concept Projects

The following are some concept projects using RPA and AI

  • Stock Take Drone

    Drone flies around store shelves to do stock taking

  • Smart Door Camera

    Doorbell Camera now gets facial recognition via RPA Rbots

  • Intelligent Field Survey Drone

    RPA Robot controlled drone performing Field Survey with Object Recognition

  • Mind Controlled Robot

    RPA Robot controlled by Tought Waves via EEG headset

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CREATING UNIQUE SOLUTIONS WITH SOFTWARE ROBOTS (RPA) TO MEET YOUR ORGANISATION'S AUTOMATION NEEDS. A dynamic Team Leader with over 20 years Business Automation (BPM & RPA) experience within Government, Banking, Insurance, Pensions, Education, Legal & Health. I lead by example and deliver Business Automation activities which include Art Of The Possible Workshops, Requirements Gathering, Business Case Development, Process Re-engineering, Value Analysis & Solution Architecting. My primary focus is Business Efficiency with Service Delivery Excellence leading to Sustained Business Growth from Continuous Business Process Improvement.