Cognitive RPA Examples

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) refers to the application of Artificial Intelligence and related new
technologies, including:
  • Computer Vision,
  • Cognitive automation,
  • Machine Learning to Robotic Process Automation.
This convergence of technologies produces automation capabilities that dramatically elevate
business value and competitive advantages for organisations.

Artificial Intellgence applications on which (UiPath) RPA can take advantage of to create "Cognitive RPA" include:
  • StanfordNLP Text Analysis,
  • Google Text Analysis,
  • IBM Watson NLU Text Analysis,
  • Microsoft Text Analysis.
Use Cases where the integration of the above technologies have been proven are:
  • Google Cloud Contact Centre - Robots can retrieve and manipulate data from multiple systems and
    legacy applications in a time-constrained contact center setup, resulting in faster response
    time to customer queries - Learn more here

  • Stanford NLP - Using Stanford's natural language processing (NLP) capability, UiPath robots
    contribute to the automation of financial reports by standardizing the business process logic and validating
    data in tables and in the narrative - Learn more here

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture - In providing for the transformation of unstructured data inputs into structured
    data that can then be further processed and communicated, such integration of OCR technologies allows for a perfectly
    aligned interplay with RPA. As a consequence, the content of an invoice that arrives via post, for example, does
    not have to be manually entered into the system. Instead, the document can be scanned at arrival, whereupon OCR can
    extract the relevant information and the RPA software robots are able to send the data to the company’s database.
    Learn more here

  • Processing Unstructured Incoming Emails - The solution involved machine learning, natural language processing,
    intelligent OCR and analytics capabilities, blending into a single user interface the accuracy, speed and scale of UiPath’s
    Enterprise RPA Platform with the expert capabilities from Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, IBM Watson and ABBYY.
    Learn more here

Learn more here on UiPath's Cognitive RPA.

Launch UiPath Cognitive RPA Video (3 mins)