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CREATING UNIQUE SOLUTIONS WITH SOFTWARE ROBOTS (RPA) TO MEET YOUR ORGANISATION'S AUTOMATION NEEDS. A dynamic Team Leader with over 20 years Business Automation (BPM & RPA) experience within Government, Banking, Insurance, Pensions, Education, Legal & Health. I lead by example and deliver Business Automation activities which include Art Of The Possible Workshops, Requirements Gathering, Business Case Development, Process Re-engineering, Value Analysis & Solution Architecting. My primary focus is Business Efficiency with Service Delivery Excellence leading to Sustained Business Growth from Continuous Business Process Improvement.

RPA Concept Projects

The following are some concept projects using RPA and AI

  • Stock Take Drone

    Drone flies around store shelves to do stock taking

  • Smart Door Camera

    Doorbell Camera now gets facial recognition via RPA Rbots

  • Intelligent Field Survey Drone

    RPA Robot controlled drone performing Field Survey with Object Recognition

  • Mind Controlled Robot

    RPA Robot controlled by Tought Waves via EEG headset

UiPath Announcements

UiPath RPA Related

  • UiPath 360 VR Experience

    UiPath 360 VR Experience

    The UiPath RPA Platform in 360 VR - for VR Headsets e.g. Quest2