How To Automate My Business

In order to take advantage of Robotice Process Automation (RPA),
it is important to remeber that it is not just about adopting
new technologies!

RPA is a big culture shift for any business, and without the support
of the workforce RPA projects have been known to fail.

The first step is to create a Centre of Excellence (CoE).

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is essentially the way to embed RPA deeply
and effectively into the organization, and to redistribute
accumulated knowledge and resources across future deployments.

The folling are some of the roles you may want to consider for your CoE Team:
  • RPA Business Analyst

  • RPA Solution Architect

  • RPA Developer

  • RPA Infrastructure Engineer

  • RPA Supervisor

  • RPA Service Support
Once your team is established, creating your RPA Project Framework is next.

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the technical implemetation of the
UiPath Products, but also on RPA Analysis, RPA Architecture and much more.

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Recommended RPA Reading

The following publication is recommended reading to gain an overview to:
  • What is RPA

  • Power of RPA (to date)

  • Limitations of RPA

  • Questions to ask about RPA

  • Finding a suitable PoC

Title: Digital Workforce
Author: Rob King
ISBN: 1724836137
Amazon: Kindle